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  • Used in Oral hygiene products such as mouth wash, toothpaste, breath freshening spray; Candies, chewing gum; Inhaler, cooling patches, rubbing/massage oil for motion sickness, fatigue, mild fever and headache; Hair shampoos, deodorants, hair conditioners and perfumes in personal care uses.
  • It is used in balms, creams and lotions to provide immediate relief for muscle and joint pains, minor aches and muscle sprain.
  • It is used in various cough drops, cough medicines, and throat lozenges, very beneficial to relieve the upper respiratory issues & chest congestion and direct inhaling of it provides instant relief from blocked nasal passages.

Furthermore, they soothe sore throats that result from having respiratory infections, allergies, or sinus discomforts. Menthol Crystals are reputed to alleviate fever symptoms, coughs, headaches, sinus discomforts, to support immunity, to facilitate healing, and to stabilize the emotions by elevating the mood.

1. When mixed with a carrier oil or aloe vera gel, menthol crystals can reduce itching.
2. Add menthol crystals to your favorite hair oil as a hair growth accelerator. Mix a small amount into the oil and massage onto the scalp before you shower, twice a week.
3. Menthol crystals can be used to alleviate nausea, especially when the nausea is due to motion sickness.  This is because peppermint (which is used in making menthol crystals) is a natural carminative herb, allowing it to settle the digestive system.
4. Calms sunburns when mixed with aloe vera gel.
5. Reduce fever by placing a very small amount on the forehead or bottom of the feet.
6. Reduces inflammation from a sore throat when applied topically all around the neck. Can be applied directly to cuts, scrapes and bruises to reduce inflammation and irritation.
7. For respiratory problems, make your own vapor rub alternative that is more effective and made from safer ingredients with the same cooling feeling that also opens up the sinuses.
8. When your sinuses are congested, a small amount in a little hot water will send vapors up into your sinus, clearing them and helping you breath. Just keep your eyes closed to protect them from any chill or sting.
9. Used as aromatherapy, the scent can be used to provide relief of stress, anxiety and nervousness

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